Social Dancing

Across the world many people want to be able to dance with a partner to the music of their choice. Our Social Dance classes can make it happen; be it the Salsa, Sokkie, Boogie or Boerewals. We aim for our students to have the ability to ask any person for a dance, and do so comfortably with confidence, with a move or three to impress their partners with.

Many dance schools make the mistake of setting too many rules in their social dancing curricula which prevents their students from being able to dance freely with others. Our aim is to make you adapt to any variation in style and handle any situation with aplomb.

Everyone wants to move with a partner, in a shared space and be able to read each other on a level that few others can experience. Dancing with a partner brings personal contact and socialisation to a level that very few people experience in their entire lives.

We teach couples and single students, which means you do not need a partner as your Instructor can partner you during training.

Our passionate, highly qualified, professional and experienced Instructors are waiting to swirl you away into a world of wonder.


Packages are created according to your budget and schedule. If you are interested in learning any Social dances, we recommend the Intro Promo package which allows you to experience private lessons for a month, at a discounted price, without the obligation of a long term contract.

We have the following options available: (all include dances of your choice – Sokkie, 2-Step, Hustle, Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, East Coast Swing and Jive)

  • Intro Promo (4 x 45 minute private lessons): R1232
  • 3 Month Packages:
  • 6 Month Packages
  • 12 Month Packages (best value)
  • Single lessons starting from R287 per lesson (30 minute private lesson - can be booked )

Benefits of Private Lessons:

  • Individual attention of your qualified Instructor
  • Opportunity to learn at your own pace
  • No partner necessary as your Instructor partners and trains you
  • Boosting your confidence, fitness level and coordination
  • Scheduled at a time and day that suits you

Cancellation policy on private lesson packages:

1 x Calendar month’s paid notice needs to be given and 25% of the remaining balance would be the cancellation fee.

Social Dancing

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