Hip Hop

Kids and Teens

We teach the Theatre Dance Association (TDA) Hip Hop syllabus and our students can enter official grading exams and level appropriate competitions. All students are invited to participate in our year end Showcase. Great for confidence that will last a lifetime.

We believe that structure, syllabus and exams from reputable bodies make stronger, well disciplined dancers which will, in time, filter through to their growing life experience. Classes taught by a qualified professional, in our private studio space that is Covid Compliant.

GROUP CLASSES every Tuesday & Thursday during terms (45 minutes):

*KIDZ (Pre Grade 1 ages 5+)  ~ 3:15pm
*NOVICE  ~ 4pm

MONTHLY FEES (12 months of the year):  R599 for 2 classes per week during terms


Registration and entry fees for Exams and Competitions, are not included in the monthly class fee. Any extra classes required are charged for additionally. Competitive dancers who wish to compete in a duo or solo need to purchase private lessons over and above their group classes.

Private lessons start from R287 per lesson.

  • Private Lessons for SOLO – Standard hourly private lesson rate (packages available)
  • Private lessons for DUO –  75% of our Standard hourly private lesson rate (per partner)

Cancellation Policy: 1 Term’s written notice via email

If you are interested in joining, please CONTACT US here



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