OPEN DAY Thu 23 June

We invite you to trial our MODERN CONTEMPORARY and HIP HOP Group classes on THURSDAY 23 JUNE 2022

  • 2:30pm Kidz HIP HOP (5yrs+)
  • 3:15pm Kidz MODERN (5yrs+)
  • 4pm MODERN Juniors (10-15)
  • 5pm HIP HOP Juniors (10-15)
  • 5:45pm MODERN CONTEMPORARY (16+ Advanced)
  • 6:30pm HIP HOP Seniors (16+ Advanced)

How to register:

  1. Connect with us via the Contact Form –>
  2. List which class you wish to register for in the *Subject
  3. Introduce yourself via WhatsApp 0837082649
  4. Our office will confirm your registration


Dress Code for Modern:  Leotard, Leggings, barefoot or foot undies or modern / jazz shoes. Long hair tied up.

Dress Code for Hip Hop: Street wear and Trainers. Long hair tied up.




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