Ballroom & Latin

Ballroom & Latin Dancing has been a mainstay of society for more than a hundred years and will continue to captivate and inspire for many generations to come. It has the power to bring people of all walks of life together under one umbrella; that being the passion for dance.

The beauty of Ballroom & Latin is that you can make this art form fit your own aspirations, be it the need to compete or to enjoy for yourself. The mental and physical health benefits for all ages have been proven over and over for generations. Posture and poise learnt here will keep you in great physical shape, improve circulation and have many cardiovascular benefits. The socialisation, mental discipline and muscle memory has proven to make Ballroom & Latin Dancers less susceptible to Dementia and Alzheimers later in life. The etiquette and decorum learnt as part of the art will open many doors in life.

You can start or continue at any age. Many of our student body make use of our services to break away from the unusually hectic world we live in, and can testify to the many mental and physical benefits they enjoy.

We are IDTA and SADTA qualified and offer:

  • Pro-Am for single students who partner with their Instructor and have the option to dance socially or competitively.
  • Coaching for amateur couples who wish to dance socially or competitively.

Class Structure: Private lessons are one on one with your Instructor's full attention for the 30, 45 or 60 minutes you are on the floor.  At most there may be 1 or 2 other couples on the floor with another Instructor at the same time.

Cost: Packages are created according to your budget and schedule. If you are interested in trying out Ballroom & Latin, we recommend the Intro Promo package which allows you to experience private lessons for a month, at a discounted price.


  • Intro Promo (4 x 45 minute private lessons)
  • 3 Month Packages
  • 6 Month Packages
  • 12 Month Packages (best value)
  • Single lessons starting from R304 per lesson

Benefits of Private Lessons:

  • Individual attention of your qualified Instructor
  • Opportunity to learn at your own pace
  • No partner necessary as your Instructor partners and trains you
  • Boosting your confidence, fitness level and coordination
  • Scheduled at a time and day that suits you

Cancellation policy on private lesson packages: 1 x Calendar month’s paid notice needs to be given and 25% of the remaining balance would be the cancellation fee.

Interested in joining? Please contact us here